As noted earlier, Troy Tulowitzki is chewing bubblegum and kicking butt and he's all out of bubblegum. Just like today's Bloguin BRU. And neither of us have any gum.

  • Statistical study is all about helping individuals unearth value that otherwise might be overlooked because we know some behavior is of no use. In that spirit, we salute Larry Granillo of Wezen-Ball who helpfully compiles a compendium of successful fake to third, throw to first pick offs. If you aren't reading Wezen-Ball, you are missing the game.
  • Over at Around the Horn Baseball, Alex Freeman takes a look at the struggles of Mat Latos in his last two starts. A pair of abominations that come as San Diego struggles to hold off Colorado and catch San Francisco.
  • Speaking of San Francisco, Richard Dyer of The Giants Cove celebrates the taking of the lead in the NL West by force. Just remember, don't get cocky, kid.
  • The Red Sox dropped a slug fest to the Jays Friday night. Our trio of Sox blogs took three different approaches to reviewing the carnage. Fenway West's David Maciel compares John Lackey to Daisuke Matsuzaka for cranking up the misery meters of Sox fans. But Ian of Sox and Dawgs is proud to call the 2010 edition of the Olde Towne Team a bunch of fighters. Meanwhile Rob Muntis looks at the Bottom Line of working to resign Adrian Beltre.
  • Even on vacation, Pirate blogger extraordinaire Pat Lackey of WHYGAVS passes along some links including a trip back to one of the biggest blowouts in big league history. Amazingly the Pirates won. Yes it was 35 years ago, why do you ask?
  • New at Cardinals Diaspora is The Business who give the Kiss Cam the business, dropping kerfuffle in the lede. Awesome. Pure 140 proof awesome.
  • In addition to seeing the future, Metstradamus is occasionally blasted back to the past.
  • In the other big league baseball bearing borough of the big apple, Ross of the NYY Stadium Insider is writing about the 2010 Yankees post-season ticket details. And yeah, they haven't clinched, yet. Still, the odds favor the Bronx Bombers.
  • Good news from the too little too late files haunts The Brewers Bar's Jaymes Langrehr who applauds that Randy Wolf is finally playing like Milwaukee fans hoped he would.
  • In DC, the Nats have rarely had exciting, meaningful baseball to enjoy in the early autumn, which has provided Will Yoder of The Nats Blog ample experience with determining what is worth watching at the end of the year.
  • Still counting and tracking prospects in greater Cubville, mb21 of Another Cubs blog continues to track and tally who did well and who failed to live up to potential.
  • But some teams were still in action, and that means more from Jay Yencich of Mariners Minors and Nancy of Sandlot Swashbucklers.
  • Promotions at the ballpark are an American tradition. But Brady Green of Detroit4lyfe finds the halfway to Paddy's Day celebration in Chicago (also in Kansas City, though Brady doesn't mention it) to be outstandingly awful.


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