This is the ballot I submitted to MLB for the All-Star Game this year.

National League American League
Catcher Miguel Olivo- I thought Olivo would tail off from his great start.  He hasn't and he deserves this spot.
Joe Mauer - Statistically he and Victor Martinez are evenly matched this year, despite spells of ineffectiveness for both. Edge goes to the reigning AL MVP.
First Base Adrian Gonzalez - It was Joey Votto, but Gonzalez hs been just a touch better and the Padres remain front runners.  Typically this is Albert Pujols' spot. This is not a typical year.
Justin Morneau - Edges both Kevin Youkilis and Miguel Cabrera by a hair.
Second Base Martin Prado - gets the edge over Brandon Phillips. Robinson Cano - hands down the best second baseman in the American League in 2010 and it really isn't close.
Third Base Scott Rolen - For an old over the hill guy that Toronto jettisoned last summer, he's putting up a great year.
Adrian Beltre - His defense is superior to Evan Longoria and he is hitting just as well.
Shortstop Hanley Ramirez - Struggling, but putting up a solid season at one of the weaker positions in the NL.
Derek Jeter - Impossible to not pick the Yankee captain who remains a steady presence atop their lineup. Alex Gonzalez' power surge and sparkling defense warrants much consideration.
Left Field Ryan Braun - His .305/.365/.495 is fantastic. At just 26 the Brewers left fielder has many great seasons ahead.
Josh Hamilton - His June wins the spot over Carl Crawford.
Center Field Andrew McCutchen - The Pirates rookie is the most dynamic young player in the NL Central.
Alexis Rios - Career rejuvenation for the win! Vernon Wells fits that definition as well.
Right Field Andre Ethier - The Didgers youngster had the hot start though has tailed off dramatically in June.
Ichiro Suzuki - Magglio Ordonez would be my second choice, but Ichiro's game trumps Mags and his power barrage.
Designated Hitter N/A - Though Ryan Zimmerman or Corey Hart could easily slot in here. David Ortiz - with an honorable mention to Vladimir Guerrero
Starting Pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez - Josh Johnson has been better of late, but I'm giving Jimenez the benefit of the doubt that he was sick when the Red Sox took it to him this week.
Jon Lester - over Andy Pettitte, Francisco Liriano and Phil Hughes. Any of them are worthy.