Since the invention of the smartphone the world of technology has changed considerably, now all media is available wherever you are just on your phone. This has meant that people are now able to be much more informed than ever before through news sites. This is one of the many things that has helped the success of the smartphone and was the reason why companies such as Apple and Android are now so successful in this market. Another major selling point for many people was the fact that they could now play games on their phones that were much more powerful, meaning that the games could do more; this included the ability to play online casino games from your phone no matter where you were.

All of this is made possible by the app stores that each platform has and while they may both have millions of apps in them they are by no means the same. For example on the iPhone 5 the Apple app store has many game apps but hardly any apps devoted to giving you control over your entire phone such as being able to change your CPU speeds in order to save on battery power. However all of this is possible on phones like the Nexus 7 by Google because they allow their users full route access. This does not mean that there are not games in the Android marketplace though.

None of this really matters though if all you are looking to do on your phone is play casino games though as you can do this on the best Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the Apple iPhone 5 with just their browsers.